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  • What is your jewellery made from?
    All of my jewellery is silver. All of the British pieces are fully hallmarked solid silver. The European pieces, mainly Norwegian are 800 silver, which is the equivalent of our British 925 Silver. My Rolex rings are heavily silver plated, for reference my Dad wears his every day to work and there are no signs of wear.
  • Is your Jewellery certified for Change of Use?
    Yes. This is a legal requirement for anyone creating jewellery from hallmarked cutlery. I am registered to Sheffield Assay Office so every piece goes through their process before I can sell it. This means every piece of jewellery has it's own certificate telling you all about where and when it was originally made - I think it adds something really special to the piece.
  • How can the jewellery be cleaned?
    I find the best way to maintain the shine is to keep your ring on whilst doing the washing up! There's nothing better than warm soapy water. If your ring need a bit more of a clean I would recommend the Silvo polish - Simply rub it around and buff up with a clean cloth. You can buy Silvo from most supermarkets or order it online.
  • Can they be re-sized?
    Of course! The joy of spoon rings is that they can easily be sized to fit you perfectly. If you're unsure of your size I'd highly recommend getting in touch and I can a ring sizer to you. If you've already ordered and need the size adjusting, get in touch with me and we'll arrange posting it back to me. If in doubt please check your size before ordering.
  • How do I work out my ring size?
    I have an excellent ring sizer that I find is very accurate. It works like a tie wrap and points to your size. Please find this on the 'Jewellery' shop page to purchase.
  • How can I tell if it's solid silver?
    Anything that is solid silver will have a Hallmark. This is a series of letters and symbols that indictate when and where the piece was made - sometimes there is also a makers mark so you can see who made it too! The silver symbol is a lion, so any hallmark with a lion means the piece is solid silver. Sometimes EPNS (Electro-plated Nickel Silver) can have some decieving markings that can look like silver ones so if in doubt, have a look on google or get in touch and I'll help you out!
  • Are your pieces unisex?
    Yes! Of course! I'd like to think anyone can wear any of my pieces. If you have any questions or queries about designs send me a message and I may be able to adjust something to suit you better! For anyone with larger hands or men who have struggled to find rings I like to think something like a spoon ring is great as I have a huge variety of sizes!
  • Do the lamps come with bulbs?
    Yes! Every lamp comes with the bulb in the photo. These are E27 Edison Filament Bulbs. If you'd like a spare bulb then contact me through the online chat on my website and I'll help you. You can also use LED bulbs too - as long is the fitting is an E27. If you like the look of a different bulb then get in touch and I can send you photos with a different bulb
  • I have something I'd like making - do you do comissions?
    Yes, of course! If you have something sentimental that maybe isn't getting as much love as you'd like, why not have it made into a lamp? If you have an idea for something that you haven't seen on my website let me know and we can have a chat about some ideas. I'm always up for comissions!
  • Are they suitable for Children's bedrooms?
    Remember the pieces I create are made from Antiques and Vintage items. They are for display only so I'd recommend keeping them out of reach from children.
  • Are they electrically safe and PAT tested?
    Everything is PAT tested and checked over by a fully qualified electrician. All fixtures and fittings are brand new and are to British standards.
  • How long is the flex wire?
    I use a brown, vintage 3 flex core wire - I find it really completes the vintage/antique look. The cable is measured to 1.2m so you've got plenty of length. If you need a longer cable please let me know and I'll arrange that for you.
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