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The Rolex Ring

The Rolex Ring


The Rolex Ring


Imagine this.. it's 1960's Switzerland and you're waiting for your new Rolex watch to be boxed up. In the meantime the shop assistant brings you a coffee paired with a Rolex branded teaspoon - After you've received your new watch, they add this in as a special touch.


This is a unisex ring and is great for larger fingers! If you're having any size doubts then PLEASE get in touch and I will help you.


These spoons are from the six Swiss shops from the 1960's. They are heavily silver plated and wear very well. The main design remains the same, however the name of the Swiss city will differ with each spoon - please bear this in mind when purchasing.

  • My rings are sized to order, however as they are simply wound around they may be gently manouvered to adjust the size. As they are made from antique spoons they may contain signs of age associated wear and tear, this adds to the unique appeal. 

    Refunds can only be issued if the ring is not as described, damaged (please read above.)

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